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The Peak District: Landscape and Geology

The Peak District: Landscape and Geology

This book is one of a popular and exciting series that seeks to tell the story of some of Britain’s most beautiful landscapes. Written with the general reader – the walker, the lover of the countryside – firmly in mind, these pages open the door to a fascinating story of ancient oceans, deltas, mineralization and tundra landscapes. Over millions of years the rocks that now form the spectacular terrains of the White Peak and the Dark Peak were laid down on the floors of tropical seas and deformed by plate tectonics before being shaped by streams and rivers. The white limestone was fretted into its own distinctive landscape above hidden cave systems; then generations of miners and farmers modified and contributed to the landscapes we see today. With the help of photographs that are largely his own, geologist Tony Waltham tells the remarkable story of the Peak District, explaining just how the landscapes of limestone plateau, grit moors and river valleys came to look as they do. Including suggestions for walks and places to visit in order to appreciate the best of the National Park’s landforms, this accessible and readable book opens up an amazing new perspective for anyone who enjoys this varied and beautiful area.

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