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Munsell Soil Colour Chart (2009 edition)

Munsell Soil Colour Chart (2009 edition)

The new 2009 Munsell Soil Colour Chart is the most widely recognised reference system used
throughout the world. Colour chips are presented on a series of wipe clean charts bound in a
tough binder. Additionally, this new version includes tropical colours and whites.

Includes the following Soil Color Charts:
• Munsell 10R Soil Chart
• Munsell 10YR Soil Chart
• Munsell 2.5Y Soil Chart
• Munsell 2.5YR Soil Chart
• Munsell 5Y Soil Chart
• Munsell 5YR Soil Chart
• Munsell 7.5YR Soil Chart
• 10Y - 5GY Colors - Olive greens Soil Chart
• Gley 1 & 2 Soil Charts (2 - Separate Soil Charts)
• Munsell 5R Individual Soil Chart
• Munsell 7.5R Individual Soil Chart
• "New" White Page, 7.5R, 10YR, & 2.5Y

The "Munsell Soil Color Book" is organized to make it faster and easier for you to identify
and communicate the colour of soil in the field. Soil colour indicates the makeup of the soil
within a given geographic area, which can influence the land’s fitness for use, such as wetlands,
optimum crops to plant, viability for waste water systems and other uses. For archaeological
applications, the book helps archaeologists classify artifacts based on the colour of soil found

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