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(E1, 2) Berwick on Tweed and Norham (1:50,000/S,D)

(E1, 2) Berwick on Tweed and Norham (1:50,000/S,D)

A geological map of Berwick on Tweed, Norham and surrounding areas

Berwick is characterised by its Lower Carboniferous strata, which include Dinantian rocks primarily of the Asbian and Brigantian sub-stages. The geology of this region is dominated by a monoclinal structure, with many minor folds and faults, especially evident along the foreshore.

This map highlights the complex geological structure of the Berwick area, significantly influenced by east-west compression during the Carboniferous period. This compression led to the formation of major east-facing monoclines, directly controlled by the configuration of the basement rocks. The map also details the concentrations of minor folds in limestones, interpreted as accommodation structures around the hinge of the monoclinal flexure.

Geologically surveyed on a six-inch scale by A. Geikie and W. Gunn in 1880, and later resurveyed between 1921-22.

Please note the slight price increase on this is due to the fact a small portion of the maps were part of a former flat map stock which were converted to a folded version at a cost.

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