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Our virtual day schools take place on Wednesdays and commence at 10.30. They comprise three short Zoom sessions through the day, ending at no later than 4.30. They give you time to work on material at home and then to join in with a your fellow learners on Zoom.
Cost: £20.00 per person or £25.00 with printed papers.
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Online courses allow you to work to your own timetable, avoiding the difficulties with fixed times and locations of classroom sessions.

Our programme of day schools concentrates on localities in the north of England and the Midlands, but with some interesting locations further afield.

Our residential field trip programme varies considerably from year to year but usually includes fine Scottish areas. Along with Iceland and a ‘winter warmer’ locality in the Mediterranean.

(We no longer run face-to-face courses as we have found Virtual Day Schools such a popular alternative with no travel as most people have the necessary technology.)

Join us at a Virtual Day School

September 28 “The Lewisian rocks of North West Scotland”
The Lewisian Gneisses are Britain’s oldest rocks, dating back more than 3 billion years. This day school examines what we now know about these rocks and the forces that formed them.

October 19 “Charles Lapworth - an extraordinary geologist”
Charles Lapworth was a self taught geologist who went on to become head of department at Birmingham University. Along the way he sorted out the geology of the Southern Uplands, names the Ordovician and got the Northwest Highlands of Scotland right!

November 2 “Arthur’s Seat volcano in Edinburgh”
It’s probably Britain’s most famous volcano yet it probably lasted a very short time. Discover much more about this volcano that sits on the doorstep of the Scottish Parliament.

November 16 “When deserts covered much of the British Isles”
Of all the ancient environments that have existed in Britain's past, it’s the Permo-Triassic deserts that present us with so many mysteries. Why are the rocks red? What are the trademarks of an ancient sand dune? What lived at the time?

November 30 “George Barrow and his metamorphic zones”
George Barrow set about trying to understand metamorphic rocks across large swathes of Scotland. The zones he gave us still provide the basis on which we classify and recognise those rocks to this day.

December 14 “Mount Vesuvius”
Of all the volcanoes that have existed in the Mediterranean, none is more enigmatic than Vesuvius. It is a dramatic past, but perhaps its best ‘fireworks’ are still to come! We promise you a ‘Christmas cracker’ of a day as we explore Europe’s most famous volcano.

New for Autumn 2022 is this series of hour-long live Zoom talks. We have chosen some diverse subjects that will give us all plenty to talk about. They take place at 7.00pm on Wednesdays. Cost: £10.00 each or £32.00 for all four. Options to have the background materials in printed or electronic formats.

  • October 26 “An evening in El Hierro”
  • November 9 “An evening in the Himalayas”
  • November 23 “An evening in the Rockies”
  • December 7 “An evening in the Bahamas”
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