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The Worst of Times

The Worst of Times

This issue carries an article by Paddy Gaffikin about the end-Permian mass extinction. dubbed the 'greatest ever' such event. However, as Prof. Paul Wignall of Leeds University explains, this is just the most damaging part of what he describes as 'eighty million years of extinctions'.

In this highly readable account, Paul recounts his 25-year long interest with the end Permian mass extinction event and how, over the years, that has grown to be a total of seven 'dyings'. The first extinction took place around 260 million years ago in the mid-Permian and the last 180 million years ago in the Lower Jurassic.

The 80 million year long period includes two of the 'big five' global extinctions with five lesser, though very significant events.

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