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Single Specimen of Phyllite

Single Specimen of Phyllite

Single specimen of Phyllite. Remember all our prices include VAT & carriage within the UK

Phyllite is a type of metamorphic rock that is primarily composed of fine-grained mica minerals, such as chlorite and muscovite, along with quartz and feldspar. It has a smooth texture and a dark colour, and often contains parallel layers or foliation resulting from the intense pressure and heat that the rock experienced during metamorphism.

It forms as a result of the metamorphism of fine-grained sedimentary rocks, such as shale or mudstone. It is commonly found in regions with high geological activity, such as mountain ranges or regions with active tectonic activity.

Phyllite has a variety of uses, including as a decorative stone, in the production of certain types of ceramics, and as a source of certain minerals such as talc.

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