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Monocular Polarising Microscope Model SP75-P

Monocular Polarising Microscope Model SP75-P

The SP75 is made to a specification and standard designed to fill the gap betweein biological microscopes that can be converted to polarising microscopes.

The SP-75P specification features: Rotating monocular head with x10 widefield eyepiece and crosshair eyepiece. Filter slot to accomodate the quartz wedge, quarter wavelength and full wave length retardation plates that are all provided as standard with this microscope. Rotating graduated circular stage, with clamping mechanism and lateral adjustment which allows each objective to be positioned centrally in the optical path. Triple objective turret, with an excellent and very positive indexing mechanism, housing x4, x10 and x40 strain free polarising objectives. Abbe condenser, with rack and pinion focusing, filter carrier and iris diaphragm.

The SP-75P also has rheostat controlled quartz halogen illumination, with 6 volt 20 watt lamps located in an easy to reach lamp housing that can easily be accessed from the base of the microscope.

Price: 655.00