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Northumberland Coast Rocks! (2nd edition)

Northumberland Coast Rocks! (2nd edition)

The geology of the Northumberland coastline is fascinating and set in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty. This accessible guide takes you on a series of walks to explore the geology of this coast between Alnmouth and the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.
The booklet provides all the detail you need to find your way around the rocks whether it's your first time getting into the landscape or if you already have some experience of reading the rocks. It is designed with readers of all ages in mind and includes several quizzes for younger readers and provides other information about the area and its history.
Each walk has hand drawn maps as well as pictures of what you can find on the shore to make it easy to find your way around. The geological history of the area is explained in the introduction, taking you through the long and complex geological history that set the scene within which the coastal rocks were created.
Along with the walks there is a section at the end which helps explain some of the ideas and concepts behind the rocks and fossils. This includes explanations of how the Whin Sill formed, what the different types of fossils to be found are, what faulting and folding are and much more. This technical section is referenced throughout the book to help find the answers to questions you may have along the way. "

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