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Geoheritage and Geotourism: A European Perspective

Geoheritage and Geotourism: A European Perspective

This book, which is essential reading for anyone engaged in any aspect of geotourism and geoheritage, provides a range of theoretical essays and case studies. These are drawn from countries across Europe with a number of examples from around the UK.

What emerges from the various case studies is a rich variety of different approaches to the multiple issues faced by those who seek to promote geoheritage and geotourism. We are thus able to compare the Isle of Wight with its great fossils and numerous SSSI and no umbrella organisation with the GeoMon (Anglesey) Geopark. Both areas are keen to present themselves as 'geo-destinations' but with a very different offering.

'Europe's engagement from the late sixteenth century onwards in scientific Earth science inquiry has generated numerous and varied collections of minerals, rocks, and fossils, together with their associated archives, artworks and publications, forming a rich cultural geoheritage held in major private and especially royal and aristocratic collections, museums, universities, archives and libraries. The mines, quarries, geological structures, landforms, minerals, rocks and fossils - or geodiversity - that underpin these collections populate past and present-day Earth science literature. However, for too long their scientific, historic and cultural significance was not universally recognised and generally they were not accorded adequate resources and protection - or geoconservation. Hence, geotourism was developed in the 1990s to raise public awareness of Europe's geoheritage and geodiversity and to promote its geoconservation; the volume's theoretical essays and case studies examine these four core geoelements and provide a timely introduction for anyone interested in natural history museums, countryside management, and landscape-based tourism.'

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