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[DISCOUNT] All 8 Virtual Day Schools - electronically

[DISCOUNT] All 8 Virtual Day Schools - electronically

This is an option to book all 8 of our Virtual Day Schools taught
via Zoom, with a saving of £20!

It includes:
• UK & Chinese Lagerstatte (Dec 15th),
• The big 5 of the fossil record (Jan 5th),
• The North Atlantic Igneous Province (Jan 19th),
• Limestones of the UK (Feb 2nd),
• Silicate minerals make rocks (Feb 9th),
• Metamorphism & metamorphic rocks (Feb 16th),
• Black Diamonds the coalfields of the UK (Mar 2nd),
• The geology & landscape of Yorkshire (Mar 16th),
• Torridonian, Old Red & New Red - continental sandstones of the UK (Mar 30th).

With course information sent by email.

Price: 140.00