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[SET] 'The Cream of the Crop 2023' Rock Set

[SET] 'The Cream of the Crop 2023' Rock Set

As part of their work for Geo Supplies, your editorial team, Chris Darmon and Colin Schofield go to some very interesting places around the British Isles. Whislt they are in these places they often pick up rock specimens, most of which go to students and institutions both here and even around the world.

However there are also some rare or unusual rocks that don't form part of our regular stock and it is these that we've gathered together into a limited edition collection that we are offering as our 'Cream of the Crop 2023'.

The set comprises 12 carefully chosen igneous rocks from around the British Isles. They include the Foxdale Granite from the Isle of Man, the Lundy Granite, Diorite from Guernsey, the Ailsa Crag Riebekite and Cumbraeite from Great Cumbrae. Each set comes boxed with notes and costs £49.95 including postage.

Confirmed rock list:
• Cumbraite
• Lundy Granite
• Ailsa Craig, Reibeckite Granite
• Tiree Pink Marble
• Foxdale Granite, Isle of Man
• Lugarite
• Gabbro, Bonney's Dyke
• Aplite
• Coedana Granite
• Gabbro, St Peter Port
• Merrivale Granite
• Glaucophane Blueschist

Price: 49.95