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Brunton F-5012 Axis Transit

Brunton F-5012 Axis Transit

A twist on the traditional transit. The Axis can take simultaneous
measurements of strike & dip, trend & plunge, dip & dip direction,
and bearing & angle, making data collection faster and easier
than ever.

Note this model is available in a variety of regional balances
worldwide.European balance only is available from stock.
Balanced units are available but have a lead time of 6 - 8
weeks currently.

Specifications and features are listed below.

• Measurement style: Unique, simultaneous methods
• Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.8 x 1.2" / 10 x 7 x 3cm
• Weight: 12.1 oz / 341.6g
• Azimuth: +/- 1/2° w/ 1° graduations
• Hinge Dial: +/- 1° w/ 2° graduations
• Plumb Clinometer: +/-1/2° w/ 1° graduations
• Lid Protractor: +/- 1/2° w/ 1° graduations
• Declination Adjustment: +/-180°

• Unique dual axis hollow hinge allows for easy and intuitive measurements of any line or plane.
• The lid rotates 360° around both axes, making measurements possible for any surface including overhangs. The lid can extend or create the measurement surface itself.
• The default orientation of compass North makes this the only transit in the world that can measure strike & dip simultaneously. A simple rotation of the azimuth ring also allows simultaneous measurement of dip angle & dip direction if that is preferred.
• A secondary axis of rotation and lid protractor allows simultaneous measurement of trend & plunge.
• The hollow hinge/sighting tube allows for direct horizontal and vertical sighting measurements.
• Hinge dial enables dip angle measurements and also serves as a versatile protractor.
• Excellent contact and sighting measurement capabilities.
• Dual long-level bubbles allow the user to level the compass from the sides and bottom.
• The flat bottom allows for easier dip angle and dip azimuth measurements at low angles.
• The needle can be set to lock automatically, allowing for accurate readings.
• The precision NdFeB disc magnet provides very accurate readings and resists demagnetization.
• The magnetic needle can be balanced for use almost anywhere in the world .
• Induction dampening makes for a quick-settling needle.
• A sapphire jewel bearing allows for smooth needle movement throughout the life of the instrument.
• The needle lock button can lock or free the needle, depending on the model.
• The internal components are sealed with an O-ring for improved water and dust resistance.
• All transits are compatible with Jacob’s Staff/Tripod ball and socket adaptor.
• Each model is available in either Azimuth (0-360) or Quadrant (0-90) formats.
• Each comes with a protective leather case, perfect for carrying your Brunton in the field.
• Made in the USA in Riverton, WY.

Price: 759.00