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(E92-3, pt E94, E105-6) Anglesey (1:50,000/S&D)

(E92-3, pt E94, E105-6) Anglesey (1:50,000/S&D)

A geological map of Anglesey.

Anglesey's geology reflects its late Precambrian and Palaeozoic bedrock, shaped significantly by glacial activities during the last ice age.

This map captures the diverse geological formations including the Ediacaran-aged blueschist belt in the Central Anglesey and Berw shear zones, and Cambrian-aged rocks of the South Stack and New Harbour Groups, revealing a landscape formed over hundreds of millions of years. It also details Ordovician rock strata and the only outcrop of early Silurian-aged rocks at Parys Mountain. The Old Red Sandstone, the sole such outcrop in North Wales, adds to the island's geological uniqueness.

Notably, the map illustrates Carboniferous rocks in several areas, including the Lligwy Sandstone Formation, highlighting Anglesey's dynamic sedimentary history?. Furthermore, it showcases the glacial legacy and post-glacial coastal processes that have shaped the island's landscape in the last 2.6 million years.

Originally surveyed on a one-inch scale and published as sheets 77 & 78 in the Old Series in 1852, this map showcases the foundational geological work of its era. It was later re-surveyed by Edward Greenly on a more detailed six-inch scale, offering a more refined look at Anglesey's complex geology.

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