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location49 Station Road, Chapeltown, Sheffield S35 2XE

"Geology of the British Isles in a day" Devizes (26th Feb)

Come and join us on the journey of a lifetime! It begins more than 3 billion years ago with parts of an ancient continent in what is now Northwest Scotland and ends with the final glacial retreat around 10,000 years ago. Along the way we'll encounter violent volcanoes in Charnwood Forest, dense equatorial forest in South Wales, come face to face with giant dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight and experience one of the world's largest volcanoes on the Isle of Skye. Welcome to what is the geological past of the British Isles! Take part in practical work, and enjoy a video representation - hang on to your seat, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Full bufet lunch and hot drinks during the day.

Meeting at Conservative Club, Devizes at 10.30am
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