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(E3) Ford (1:50,000/S&D)

(E3) Ford  (1:50,000/S&D)

A geological map of Ford, a small village in Northumberland, and its surrounding areas

The area is largely characterised by sedimentary rocks of Carboniferous age, intruded by both Permian and Palaeogene dykes and sills. This includes the notable Whin Sill, a tholeiitic basalt that was emplaced during early Permian times, contributing significantly to Northumberland's distinct landscape. The region also sits above the Iapetus Suture, a geological feature resulting from the closure of the Iapetus Ocean during the Palaeozoic, leading to the Caledonian Orogeny.

The Carboniferous period is particularly prominent here, with the Inverclyde Group extending from the Scottish border near Byrness and the Border Group forming a broken and faulted belt south from Berwick towards Alnwick.

Geologically surveyed on a six-inch scale by A. Geikie and W. Gunn in 1880, and later resurveyed between 1921-25.

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