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Educational Trips

Geology & building stones walk around Old Kenilworth, Warwickshire (17th Apr)***

Geology & landscape around St Davids (4th May)

Rocks & landscapes of Wetherby, Yorkshire (22nd May)

Rocks & landscapes of Lud's Church, Staffordshire (29th May)

Rocks & landscapes of the Sedgwick Trail, Yorkshire Dales (13th Jun)

Dufton & Cross Fell (14th Jun)

Chafford Gorges Nature Reserve, Essex (19th Jun)

Moffatdale & Dobs Linn, Southern Uplands (30th Jun)

Ballantrae & Downan Point, Dumfriesshire (4th Jul)

Munday's Hill Quarry, Leighton Buzzard (31st Jul)